Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen (or Chroma Key Compositing to give it it’s full name) is one of the most popular features of our photo booth. By adding a green curtain instead of one of the standard backdrop curtains, we create a fantastic green screen photo booth We can then include pretty much any background of your choosing to your photographs. Ever fancied a night out in New York? We can make that happen! Always wanted to visit the Pyramids of Giza? No problem, we can do that for you too! Or how about some stunning glitter backgrounds, or amazingly beautiful flower walls?

Keep reading to see how it works….



Here’s how it looks to the naked eye. You stand in front of the green backdrop and strike a pose. You can see yourself on-screen along with the background you’ve chosen for your photograph….

…and here’s how the final photo looks. Our photo booth automatically removes the green background and replaces it with your chosen image. This is then printed out within seconds!

We can display up to four different categories of background images on screen at any one time. If you’re having a particular theme, then we can restrict the backgrounds to just one category if you wish.

Within each of the groups, we can display up to 9 choices – although it’s possible to add many more and rotate them throughout the event.

You can even select a different background for each photo, if you’re having a postcard or strip print template…